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Nieuwe website South Asian Concern

Bericht geplaatst op: 3-11-2009 09:51 Door Matijs Mak

South Asian Conern (SAC) is een internationale organisatie vergelijkbaar met Evangelie & Hindoes. SAC heeft in 2009 een nieuwe website gelanceerd met interessante informatie en artikelen.

Kijk voor meer informatie op

Hieronder vind je - in het Engels - een kort profiel over South Asian concern.

South Asian Concern is a small multi-racial partnership of Christ’s followers with a particular concern for and focus on South Asia and South Asians around the world. We came into existence in 1989.

We believe that one of the things our society needs is for people of different backgrounds to know each other and work together, on the basis of mutual respect and equality. This doesn’t mean losing our diversity of language, dress, food or traditions. It does mean overcoming barriers and building bridges.
We respect people of all faiths and none, and our activities include providing resources and training to help people to build bridges of friendship and better understanding.

We work in partnerships across the Diaspora and South Asia. Our approach enables us to contribute to what others are doing, to be a catalyst for new initiatives, and to work with a variety of people and organisations.

Christ’s followers
Jesus Christ is our inspiration and guide. We believe that his life and teaching, his death and resurrection provide both the way for us to have peace with God and also the direction for our lives. We are committed to follow him and we believe that he is good news for everybody.

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